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Welcome back to Trips100.  I hope you’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable summer!  To kick off the autumn season I’ve asked our travel blogger community to share their most useful travel gadgets and kit.  Suggestions below cover essential kit for a press trip and recommendations for travel gadgets/products which will help ensure you have a memorable holiday.

Essential travel gadgets and kit for a press trip

Mobile Powerstation – Since being caught out last year whilst on a group press trip (with Travel Loving Family) I have always travelled with a mophie powerstation which can provide two additional charges of my iPhone whilst I’m on the go.

Padlock – Andre and Emily from Along Dusty Roads recommend investing in a padlock for security whilst travelling.  “We always bring our own sturdy numerical padlock (so we don’t have to remember a key!) to make sure our valuables are stored securely in a hostel locker.”

Cabin Zero Bag – Kelly from Kelly Allen Writer got in touch to recommend her perfect travel bag – “I honestly can’t live without our cabin zero bag. I take it everywhere. It’s waterproof, absolutely massive, easy to carry and has an built in tracker.”  Click here to read her review of the cabin zero bag. 

Backpack with wheels – Monica from the Travel Hack recommends investing in a backpack which provides the flexibility of wheeling or carrying luggage.  She raves about the Caribee Backpack here –   Review Caribee Fast Track Wheeled Backpack.

Useful travel gadgets and products for memorable holidays

Inflatable travel pillow – Susanna from A Modern Mother never travels long haul without ensuring a good nights sleep with her new front-facing inflatable travel pillow.  “I hate long flights that go over night because ever time I doze off, my neck jerks and wakes me up. I first found this new inflatable pillow in a crowd-sourced incubator market- and now it is generally available. You blow it up (there are large valves so it inflates easily) and put in on your tray table. Then you lean forward.There’s a place for your face so that you can breathe easily. It may sound strange – but it works. The kids love it too and we all fight over it!”  

Pro Packing Cubes – Trish over at Mums Gone Too  – “We are converts to Pro Packing Cubes. My husband, the designated packer in our family, is a stickler for doing it right and he has been well and truly convinced that this is the way to go. No chance of him forgetting to pack my knickers now!  The cubes keep everything neatly packed, especially if you’re moving from place to place.”  She shares her review here – Why we are converts to Pro Packing Cubes

Essential hiking kit – Vikki over at The Carpenters Daughter shares her top ten hiking essentials in this informative You Tube video including good quality hiking boots from Trespass.

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Camper Mattress – Erin from Yorkshire Tots recommends the Camping in Comfort for a good night sleep when camping. “They’re not cheap but they roll up to the size of a sleeping bag, inflate in minutes and they’re really, really comfortable. They’re only a few inches high so they don’t look like a real bed but they’re as comfortable to sleep on as my mattress at home. Now if someone could invent something to help my kids sleep past 6 am we’d be set!”  She shares her review here – Camping in Comfort.

CosyPhones Headphones for kids – Jade from Mummies Waiting never travels with her two kids without their CosyPhones.  “CozyPhones are fantastic for entertaining young children when travelling.   They keep both of my girls occupied both at the airport and on the plane, and as the fabric is breathable they are also perfect for downtime around the pool.”  Jade shares her review here – CozyPhones Review. 


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