New Year Travel Resolutions for More Responsible, Adventurous Travel in 2018


The new year is a perfect opportunity for a fresh start.  A chance to plan HOW and WHERE you want to travel over the next 12 months.  I’ve asked fellow travel bloggers to share their 2018 travel resolutions.  The resolutions range from being more environmentally aware of the impacts of tourism when making travel plans, through to learning new skills such as languages whilst travelling.  Others have shared their resolutions and plans to travel the world in 2018.

Be a responsible traveller

Katy from Untold Morsels plans to be more environmentally aware in 2018 – “Ours is to support more local businesses on our travels as part of our push to travel more responsibly. The idea is to think global but act local. This might seem straightforward but it is surprising how many tour companies and hotel chains are international businesses sending their profits outside of the destinations we visit.”

Laura from Lets Go, Little One plans to give back during her travels in 2018 – “My travel resolution is to incorporate a volunteer trip into our 2018 plans.”  Laura hasn’t made any firm plans yet but has been looking at companies such as Global Volunteers and Projects Abroad for inspiration.

Be more adventurous

Suzy from Our Bucket List Lives plans to be adventurous in 2018 and learn essential life skills – “Our lives are based around our family travel bucket list and I am hoping that we can live our lives a little bit outside of the box in 2018. We are already booked to take some Llamas for a walk, so that’s something a little different. Jamie really wants to go up in a hot air balloon so hopefully we can look into doing that. We are also off to Florida so as well as all the usual adventures at Disney and Universal we are also going to explore more of the sunshine state and hopefully do something a bit different. So I guess I am saying that we are hoping to be more adventurous. I am also hoping to start teaching Jamie some French as my husband and myself lived there for 14 years. He was born there and I think languages are essential in life.”

Melissa and family from The Family Voyage plan to step outside of their comfort zone in 2018 – “Our resolution is to step outside of our comfort zones and try traveling in less developed parts of the world as we continue on our family gap year trip around the world! To that end, we’ll be visiting Thailand and Vietnam this spring, which will be our first time in Asia. We’re nervous about some of the challenges we’ll face, but excited for the experience.”

Learn new skills whilst on the go

Emily from Kids and Compass plans to make an effort with languages – “Languages were always my thing and I’ve let them go! I just came back from Italy and I felt really bad for not knowing any of the basics. So no matter where we go next year I’m going to make sure I can say more than “hello” and “thanks.” 

Discover new places

Sally from Life Loving plans to use her passport less this year  –  “In 2018 I would like to see more of what’s on offer in the UK. We’ve spent a lot of time recently exploring the world and there’s so much right on our doorstep here in the UK. So we are going to explore what the UK has to offer, as well as abroad this year.”

Sol from Kidding Herself aims to persuade her hubby to leave his beloved Moscow to explore more of the world – “My blog is a local travel blog based in and around Moscow. At least, that’s the theory. Mostly it’s been ‘in Moscow’ up to now. So in 2018 I am hoping to persuade my Muscovite husband that there is more than bears and wolves and wilderness outside the capital of Russia.”

Nell from Pigeon Pair and Me is going to be very busy in 2018! – “My resolution this year is to visit five new destinations outside the UK, and five UK locations we haven’t been to before. I’m drawing up my travel plans as we speak!”

Nicky from Go Live Young wants to get outside more to enjoy hiking – “We love getting outdoors, often in amongst beautiful scenery and challenging ourselves to hike more adventurous routes over longer distances. Our ultimate aim in 2019 is to hike as a family to Everest Base Camp, so 2018 is all about preparing for that. We plan to hike more frequently and do some multi-day hikes to help us get ready for the Everest Base Camp trek.”

Travel deeper

Jurga from Full Suitcase plans to travel “slower and deeper. It’s never been our purpose to count countries visited or distances travelled, we travel for the new experiences. Experiences that you can never have if you don’t take the time to learn the place and the people, even if just for a few days.”

Travel differently

Globe trotter Jenny from TraveLynn Family has one main travel goal in 2018 and that is to travel with less luggage!  “Ours is to travel lighter! It just makes travelling life easier. I’m going to try and be really disciplined and only pack the absolute bare essentials. We have travels planned to colder climates next year, which means bulkier clothing, but I don’t want it to result in a bulkier bag! Clothes can always be washed or replaced whilst travelling and we realised a long time ago that there’s no point packing toys; sticks, sand, stones and leaves can keep my little ones entertained much longer.” 

As for my travel loving family and I, we plan to make 2018 the year that we consciously cut down on expensive frequent weekends breaks and instead save our money for once in a lifetime experiences. We plan to spend a few weeks in Orlando and our old home city, Savannah, in the USA and also hope to visit Lapland next Christmas whilst our boys are still young enough to fully soak up the magic!


Have you set yourself any new year travel resolutions?  Please do pop them below we would love to read them. 




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  1. Best wishes for 2018! That’s exactly how we started the year, meditating at what a difference ethical travel and sustainable luxury makes! We just spent 12 days in Maldives – a week with Banyan Tree which excels at Green & Sustainability versus another 5 star All inclusive hotel where we just found staff lovely but overworked terribly, waste dumped on the uninhabited island next door and so on. We received polite standard answers on the 2nd but they don’t add up – still thinking how to write about it. And surely in the meantime urging all of us including ourselves, when we spend it to be responsible!

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