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Oman in the Middle East is one of the most naturally diverse countries. However, contrary to its more popular and happening neighbor Dubai, Oman has not turned itself into a tourist hotspot in the region. The landscape of Oman includes a long unexplored stretch of a 3,000 km coastline, the highest mountain peak of the Arabian Peninsula and sharing half of the Empty Quarter, the largest unexplored desert in the Middle East. For any adventure seeker, Oman offers plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. Despite the hot weather conditions, the natural beauty of Oman is definitely worth exploring!

Here are the top five things that you should definitely consider doing to make the most out of your Oman trip.

A Day by the Beach

Oman has a long stretch of untouched golden sand beaches waiting to be explored. The beaches in the capital city of Muscat are mostly crowded during the weekends but they are definitely worth a visit otherwise. In order to enjoy a perfect beach day, a short thirty minutes’ drive to the Yiti beach from the city center in Muscat offers a great escape from the city life. The beach is surrounded by limestone cliffs that stand just at the edge of the ocean. The Yiti beach is a picturesque beach with great swimming and photography opportunities.


Diving in the Arabian Sea

Not many travelers know about this, but Oman has the most diverse and healthy marine life in all of the Middle East. The marine life of Oman consists of colorful corals, Whale sharks, Tiger Sharks, dolphins and turtles along with many macro pelagic marine animals. Diving in Oman is great as the water of the Arabian Sea remains calm and warm throughout the year. The underwater visibility of the Omani waters is very clear, which enhances the overall diving experience. The best diving sites in Oman are at Daymaniyat Island, which is very close to the capital city of Muscat and at the Musandam Peninsula. A day trip can be taken from Muscat to the Bandar Al Khairan Island, which is famous for dolphin watching.


Hiking the Rocky Barren Mountains

Oman is a mountainous country with barren brown mountains that can be found everywhere in the country. The landscape of Oman provides great hiking opportunities for the beginners and for the advanced hikers too. The largest mountain range in Oman is the Al Hajar mountain range that homes the highest peak in the Arabian Peninsula, the Jebal Shams. It is one of the favorite hiking spots for adventure seekers and particularly famous for the magical sunset and sunrise views from the main viewpoint on the top of the mountain. For anyone looking for a short hike in Oman, the Muttrah-Riyam hike is the most picturesque hiking trail in Muscat. It is an easy hike, which gives panoramic views of the city of Muscat lying at the edge of the Arabian Sea.


A Desert Safari

A visit to Oman is definitely incomplete without a desert safari experience. The deserts in Oman form a major part of the history of the country. There are two major deserts in Oman; the Wahiba Sands desert and the Empty Quarter desert. Most of the travelers coming to Oman opt to visit the Wahiba Sands desert due to its close proximity to Muscat. The Wahiba Sands desert in the governorate of Sharqiyah in Oman is a golden sand desert that is still home to many Bedouin tribes. However, as tourism has started to boom in the country, there are many tourist desert camps established in the Wahiba Sands desert. Almost all of the desert camps offer dune bashing experiences along with traditional Omani meals served in Bedouin camps to provide the authentic feel of the Omani Bedouin culture.


Camping in the Wild

Camping is one of the most loved activities in Oman by the locals. There are plenty of great camping sites in Oman, though it may be at the beach or on the mountains. Moreover, as Oman is a relatively very less populated country, you will be able to find the charm and calmness of camping anywhere within nature. Some of the best camping sites in Oman include camping at the ‘Wadi’ (natural water springs). Also, at the majority of the places, camping is permitted and it is absolutely safe too. However, the only thing to take into consideration is the lack of resources near the off the beaten sites; therefore, pack all the essentials before venturing out for a camping trip.


Tracey is the Travel Editor for Flea Enterprises. She also blogs at PackThePJs. Tracey writes mainly about family travel; from days out to road trips with her pet dogs, to cruises and long-haul tropicaldestinations. Her family consists of her husband Huw, a science and technology writer, Millie-Mae (12), Toby (10) and Izzy and Jack the spaniels.

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  1. Hi Tracey, I am really glad that you covered so much about this fascinating country. Oman has been blessed with landscapes, mountains, and amazing seashores. Whatever kind of traveler you are, you will find amazing places to visit. Musandam Oman is one of the most famous destinations in Oman and is known for dolphins and dhow cruise.

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