The ‘Must Have’ Gifts for Travel Bloggers this Christmas


Christmas gifts

What is on your Christmas list this year? Socks? Chocolate? A deodorant duo gift set? Or something that will become an essential travelling accessory for years to come? This year I’m hoping for some noise-cancelling headphones (well, I do have children too!) I also need a new suitcase, after United Airlines ‘broke’ mine, tsk. I asked our travel bloggers what THEY would put forward as a brilliant gift suggestion for a fellow travel blogger. So put down those multi-packs of socks – here’s some gift ideas for you … 

Garmin Fenix 5 GPS watch

Christmas gifts

Garmin Fenix 5 GPS watch is one of the most important travel items in our packing list. Now it’s difficult to imagine how we managed to hike without it. My husband bought the watch as a present for me for Valentine’s Day. Soon after that, we went to Nepal where we did a lot of hiking. The watch was extremely helpful not only for hiking but for writing blog posts. We could get exact distances for every day, total ascent and descent, route maps, elevation profiles all these are very helpful for writing blog posts on hiking. It stores the data for every day and every activity you’ve done. All you have to do is to install the app and synchronize it with your watch. All information stays in the app and you can go back to it any time you want. The watch gives you a lot of data that we always wanted to have. Since then we’ve been using the watch a lot we did more hikes this year than we usually do. We even bought a second watch for my husband. The watch can be used not only for hiking (it’s just our main activity), it has got many different modes; cycling, running, swimming, walking, etc. For bloggers who like doing outdoor activities, Garmin Fenix 5 is an amazing Christmas present.

Campbell and Alya, Stingy Nomads

The Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Travel gift

The Travel Pillow from Cabeau is probably the best travel pillow out there, which is perhaps also why it’s being sold at literally every major airport worldwide. It’s durable and comfortable which is refreshing compared to other travel pillows that gets soggy after a couple of flights.

The Cabeau Evolution Pillow gives a great balance to your neck and can be adjusted accordingly. Furthermore, it can be packed down and compressed in a bag that you get when purchasing the travel pillow.

Alexander, Gourmand Trotter


Christmas gifts
A must for any travel blogger (or any traveler in general) is a water purifier. Even if you are not planning on doing any hiking or other outdoor activities, there are many urban destinations where the local tap water is not drinkable. Instead of wasting money buying water that’s packaged in single-use plastic bottles, you can simply bring your own bottle, refill it from the tap, and then sterilize the water with a Steripen. It takes just 90 seconds to sterilize a 1-liter bottle of water using UV light. Sterilizing your own water makes you a more eco-friendly traveler and will also save you money in the long term!

Wendy, The Nomadic Vegan

Wax Ear Plugs

Christmas gifts

As frequent travelers, travel bloggers have to sleep in a wide variety of different locations, some of which are likely to be noisy!

Long flights or train trips often occur overnight and getting some sleep is crucial to being functional when you arrive. Planes and trains are notoriously noisy places, what with snoring passengers, crying babies and the drone of the engine. Using wax earplugs makes all the difference, allowing you to tune out all the ambient noise.

Hotels and hostels can also present their own challenges for noise levels when trying to sleep. Wax earplugs really come in handy when the hotel is situated on a busy street with lots of traffic noise or if the other hostel residents are up late making noise.

I’ve tried both wax and foam ear plugs and wax earplugs definitely work better and I find them more comfortable.

Lesley, Freedom56

JOBY GorillaPod

Christmas gifts

While looking for Christmas gifts this year I realized that I should ask for something useful. As a travel blogger that travels mainly in South America, one tool that I find that is often overlooked is a portable camera tripod. For me, the JOBY GorillaPod would be the perfect travel companion as I can easily fit it in my backpack and I am able to capture many types of photos that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve traveling by myself. A portable camera tripod is a great addition to any traveler’s packing list that wants to improve their travel photography.

Daniel, Layer Culture

Dock and Bay Travel Towel

Travel towel

The Dock and Bay travel towel is brilliant for travelling light without compromising on comfort or style. Unlike travel towels in the past, Dock and Bay travel towels are big – up to 200cm long – and really do dry you. The towels come in a range of sizes and colours and they dry quickly, folding down to a 30cm pouch, ideal for hand luggage-only trips.

Annabel, Smudged Postcard

Go Pro Hero 7 Black

Christmas gifts

A Go Pro Hero 7 Black is one of the best gifts that a travel blogger can receive this Christmas. It is one of the best cameras out there for capturing video, especially when on the move or underwater. The Go Pro is waterproof and its seamless and easy operation is perfect for those on the move. The additional straps and accessories make it easy to take the Go Pro on any adventure and use it in any city.  Its ease of use and perfect camera capture makes this a truly great gift.

Diana, Travels in Germany


Christmas gifts

A powerbank makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves travel. There is nothing worse than when you are out and about, exploring somewhere new, and your phone or other device runs out of battery. We always travel with a powerbank to avoid this happening. These days we also have a solar powerbank for road trips, to ensure we can top it up even when we are between places and powerpoints. No missed photos or no ability to stay connected when you can charge on the go.

Holly, Four Around The World

Packing Cubes

Christmas gifts

One of the best items to give to travel bloggers for Christmas is a good set of packing cubes. As frequent travellers, packing cubes have undoubtedly reduced the headache of constant packing by allowing us to stay organised while we are frequently moving around. They make it simple to organise your clothes and travel items while simultaneously saving space in your backpack or suitcase.

For travel bloggers looking for the best packing cubes available, I highly recommend the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes. They have an additional benefit of compressing down your items, making it even easier to fit everything you need into your luggage.

Michael, The World Was Here First


Tracey is the Travel Editor for Flea Enterprises. She also blogs at PackThePJs. Tracey writes mainly about family travel; from days out to road trips with her pet dogs, to cruises and long-haul tropical destinations. Her family consists of her husband Huw, a science and technology writer, Millie-Mae (13), Toby (11) and Izzy and Jack the spaniels.

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