Five Luxury Travel Journeys We Need to Make

Santorini, Greece / Photo Credits: Jona Pakingan
Santorini, Greece / Photo Credits: Jona Pakingan

Sometimes, getting close to nature and having a unique experience is the most important thing about travel. But other times, what you want is a unique experience AND to be treated like royalty.

Luxury travel is about having access to something exclusive, but it’s also about being taken care of to an exceptional degree during that experience. Today, we’re sharing 10 luxury travel journeys from Trips100 bloggers that we are definitely adding to our Travel Bucket List.

Long Beach Hotel, Mauritius

This 5* resort hotel on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius is picture perfect. Suze from HIBS100 blog Luxury Columnist describes it as a “five star spa hotel with an urban beach chic vibe”. With loads of sporting and sailing activities on offer, plus half a dozen decent restaurants, we want to exhaust ourselves, then enjoy this view…

Credit: Sally Whittle
Credit: Sally Whittle


Hannah’s Winchester Boutique B&B

Sometimes, nothing is better than close-to-home luxury and we absolutely fell in love with hannah’s, boutique B&B in Winchester after reading this review over on Feet on the Ground. With awesome interior design and loads of amazing close-by entertainment, it’s the perfect place to spoil yourself. Personally, I’d opt for an evening at the Everyman Cinema (complete with in-seat service and velvet sofas) followed by a night-cap on THIS sofa, armed with a good bedtime book. Sorted.

Photo Credit: Hannah's Bed & Breakfast
Photo Credit: Hannah’s Bed & Breakfast

Kurumba, Maldives

Another bucket list destination for many of us, we are feeling thoroughly inspired by this review of Kurumba in the Maldives over on Hey, Dip Your Toes In. Along with spectacular beaches and mind-boggling views, you can be indulged in every way here. We especially loved the idea of a wine-tasting in the sea.

Image: Kurumba
Photo Credit: Kurumba

HDYTI describes it thus: “The bar was the lagoon itself, arranged in such a way that guests could stand waist deep in the water surrounded by elevated tables laden with wine. A chatty waiter waded from one group to another, topping up empty glasses. Soon, we were chatting away with other guests while watching the changing reflections of the sun on the turquoise blue waters.” Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

The Beverley Wilshire Hotel, LA

As Mrs O puts it, “Every woman should have a Pretty Woman moment in their lives.” Quite so. This review inspired us to save our pennies for a break at one of the world’s most iconic hotels, and who wouldn’t want a “diamond facial” at one of the world’s most luxurious spas?

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

The Pavilions Himalayas, Nepal

Sometimes luxury is as much about the experience as the thread count of the bedding. We are utterly enchanted by this post by Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles about her stay at Nepal’s newest luxury resort. Stay in your own peaceful villa in this eco resort, looking out onto some of the world’s most beautiful countryside. We especially love the sound of fresh flowers being left around your bath… it’s a bit special isn’t it? This resort is also committed to helping and benefiting the surrounding community, so you can support locals, while enjoying a bit of luxury. Perfect!

Photo Credit: Pavilions Nepal



Sally is the founder of Trips100, along with several other blogging communities. She's a keen traveller and loves exploring the world with her 9 year old daughter and sidekick, Flea.

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  1. This is an excellent article. All of these photos look very beautiful. I will visit these destinations as soon as possible. I want to read your next article. Best of luck…

  2. Thank you! Our favourites luxury & kids last year have been Four Seasons in Nevis and Ritz Abama in Tenerife. This year our favourites trips so far have been Tignes le Lac (skiing), Ibiza (great villas, beach clubs & parties) and Paris (still the chic-est flats & restaurants). Hoping to go to Maldives in December, first time with the kids, will keep you posted

  3. Hello Sally,

    Amazing post to share!!

    Thank you so much for share Luxury Travel Journeys for me. Recently I was planning to go for a trip with my love for a week. Mauritius is the fabulous honeymoon destination for the perfect couple. I love this luxury resort, foods and the islands of Mauritius.

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