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Welcome back to Trips100!  We hope you’ve enjoyed some quality time over the Easter holidays with your family and friends.  After a two week break we are raring to go.  As the weather hasn’t been particularly pleasant we are lusting for some sunshine and where better to provide it than the Caribbean!  This post aims to get you in the mood for summer and inspire you to visit the Caribbean.

Be dazzled by the colourful island of Antigua

We absolutely adore this colourful post by Chloe at Wanderlust Chloe, currently ranking in number one place on our Trips100 chart.  (Well done Chloe!)  Her post takes you on a colourful tour around the island of Antigua.  She shares stunning images of the surrounding turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the deep blue water of the Atlantic, the colourful cocktails and of course the lush green rainforest…

Just a few of the striking colours captured by Chloe during her recent visit to Antigua. (Copyright Wanderlust Chloe).

Enjoy an authentic break in Jamaica

Danielle from While I’m Young proves that there is more to Jamaica than relaxing on the beach with a rum cocktail in hand (although we wouldn’t judge you if this is how you roll on holiday!).  She shares her 10 favourite authentic and fun things to do in Jamaica including climbing the Dunn’s River Falls and learning about the legendary Bob Marley with both a visit to a museum built in his honour and his childhood home.

Dunns River Falls are a must if you are ever fortunate enough to visit Jamaica recommends Danielle. (Copyright – While I’m Young).

Avoid the crowds in St Thomas and St Maarten

Maho Beach is one of the world’s best plane-spotting locations, with thousands of brave holidaymakers flocking there every day to stand directly under the flight path. Would you dare sunbathe here? (Copyright – Pixabay).

Gary from Tips For Travellers shares tips for both cruise ship passengers and land based travellers who wish to avoid the crowds of 2 of the top 3 most visited islands in the region, St. Thomas and St. Maarten, which combined attract over 3 million visitors a year.  If you wish to visit the quietest beaches and find the best secluded views over the islands turn his podcast on the next time you are on a road trip!

Get physical in Aruba

Aruba is THE island to head to for adventures recommends Heather!  (Copyright Conversant Traveller).

Heather from Conversant Traveller shares her top tips for an adventure holiday like no other on the stunning island of Aruba.  Whether you prefer water sports or land sports she has ideas galore with ATV rides, horse backing treks, snorkelling safaris and even full moon hikes!  Aruba – Adventure holidays for couples. 

Sailing around the British Virgin Islands

Before setting up Travel Loving Family I spent three seasons working on cruise ships in the Caribbean which later lead to me taking on the role of Caribbean Specialist for a luxury tour operator.  Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite way to spend a day in the Caribbean is sailing onboard a catamaran discovering hidden beaches and coves in the British Virgin Islands… ideally with a Pina Colada in my hand!   The islands are also incredible for snorkelling and scuba diving and have some of the most unusual bars in the Caribbean.  Check out more ideas for a holiday in the BVI here –  Travel Loving Family’s guide to the British Virgin Islands. 

Sailing around the BVI on a chartered catamaran. (Copyright Travel Loving Family).

Capture Instagram worthy photos in Curaçao

James from Only By Land shares his fave places to capture the true beauty of Curacao including the vividly painted houses of Handelskade, underwater whilst scuba diving and Hiking at Christoffel National Park.

(A story which really tickled me during my time at sea featured these houses in Curaçao.  A tour guide told my group that it was a legal requirement that the houses by painted bright colours because the governor suffered from severe headaches, apparently caused by the sun’s reflections off the white buildings.  It was later discovered that the governor was a shareholder in the island’s only paint store!) 

Thankfully the tradition of painting in vivid colors has continued, making Willemstad’s Dutch and Spanish colonial style architecture one of the most picturesque sights in the Caribbean. (Copyright Only By Land).


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