What to Charge for Sponsored Content


UK influencer rates for sponsored posts and videos

Do you ever wonder what to charge for sponsored posts, videos and Instagram images?

Over the past few months, the bloggers, vloggers and influencers in our community have been telling us about what they charge for sponsored blog posts, Instagram posts and social content.

Today, we’re sharing highlights of the 2018 Influencer Rate card, so you can see, as an influencer, what are the typical rates charged by others in your industry.

Below you’ll find some guidelines on what to charge for different types of sponsored content and posts, you’ll find two figures.

The first number refers to the average rate influencers report as being their “typical” fee for sponsored content. The second figure is the average “top rate” that influencers have achieved in the past 12 months for a single piece of content.

what to charge for sponsored posts

Of course, it goes without saying that these are average rates.

We are very aware that some influencers may be able to charge more than these rates, because you offer exceptional photography, additional licensing rights, or a niche audience that is especially valuable to a brand. Often influencers will bundle together content, making it difficult to identify what the rate is for each specific piece of content or activity.

Your rates will also depend hugely on your follower numbers and video or page views. Brands will understandably pay a premium for content that’s going to be seen by more people.

That said, we hope you’ll find this a useful starting point if you are negotiating sponsored content, or looking to commission sponsored content from UK influencers, and you’re unsure about rates.

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The Influencer Rate Card explains: 

  • Typical and top rates for sponsored Instagram content, based on follower numbers
  • Typical rates for hosting Twitter parties and attending real-life brand events
  • What to charge for sponsored posts, based on your page views
  • Rates for sponsored posts on Facebook based on your page’s audience
  • What to charge for sponsored video

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