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Brown Hotel Lobby - Louisville

Do you sit gazing at blogs that feature five star hotels, private islands and champagne flights? Are those who write luxury travel blogs just in the business of selling dreams? In any case what IS a luxury travel blog asks Fiona Maclean who blogs at London-Unattached


I hope my pick of the UK Luxury Travel Blogs show that it’s about a lot more than a jacuzzi, private pool and first class flight.

  1. For Angie from SilverSpoon London it’s all about something unique.

‘Luxury travel isn’t just about traveling first class and staying in a beautiful hotel. It’s about having an overall really special experience and making incredible memories in a way that’s comfortable and without stress or pressure. The best trips I’ve had have involved visiting unique locations whilst gaining insider access to local culture and authentic experiences.’

I love her blog for its enthusiasm. Her writing has the passion of a wide-eyed child and you get the feeling that she really appreciates what she is doing. Complement that with stunning photography and you have the stuff dreams are made of.

  1. Catherine Lux (yes that really is her name) writes at Lux Life. Her blog is an eclectic mixture of lifestyle features – but there’s a real focus on luxury travel. For her it’s a personal thing.

‘It’s about the experience as a whole. If a boutique hotel or a unique experience feels luxurious and special then I think that counts as luxury just as much as a stay on a private island. Luxury is something that’s so individual to everyone, obviously if someone is used to going camping for their holiday or staying in hostels, then suddenly a 3 star hotel city break might seem like the most luxurious thing in the world.’

Check her blog out for more about her recent trip to Palm Island in St Vincent and the Grenadines with Virgin Holidays. Unequivocal luxury.

  1. I suspect Suze, who writes A Luxury Columnist is an ardent traveller at heart. Although much of what she told me about her perspective on luxury travel mirrored others she CLAIMS that her focus on luxury is a way to make sure she moderates her travels.

‘I tend to focus on unusual or five star experiences. I’m the sort of person who would be travelling all the time if I could, so focusing just on luxury gives me the limit that I need! Luxury to me could be a once in a lifetime experience such as swimming with the pigs in Barbados (on my to do list), glamping under the stars or meeting the chef at a Michelin starred restaurant.’

Infinity Pool Al Bustin Palace, Oman

  1. Lauren writes at The Lifestyle Diaries. For her, it’s a reluctance to experience anything that isn’t up to scratch that drives her to the luxury end of the market.

‘For me, it’s all about high quality: high quality service, the best finishing touches possible, a personal experience and having someone anticipate what you need before you’ve had time to think about it.’

  1. Finally, for me, the person who has the closest view to my own about ‘Luxury Travel’ is Heather at Conversant Travel.

Sunrise at Sea - Leaving Symi

I giggled at her champing experience – an overnight stay in a church. I’m not sure even she would class that at luxury.

She ends her feature on luxury travel by explaining that for her

‘Luxury travel does not always have to be about supreme comfort or elegance. The emotional element is much more important. It’s about keeping the spirit happy as much as the body.

Great expense does not necessarily equal luxury. Some of the most luxurious experiences in this world can be found for free.’

I’d counter that my own spirit wouldn’t necessarily be happy doing some of the things she clearly loves. But, I agree with her ethos. Luxury can be as simple as finding time to watch the sunrise. Surely money can’t buy experiences are the ultimate luxury.

All these blogs emphasis unique experiences, doing something truly memorable. Perhaps it IS about making dreams come true. And then, sharing those experiences with everyone else.


An award winning freelance writer and marketing consultant, Fiona Maclean currently writes about food, wine and travel for a number of publications and runs her own London lifestyle blog, London-Unattached. Twitter @fionamaclean instagram @londonunattached


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  1. I have so many more quotes I could have used – there are some great insights from all those who contributed into what makes luxury – not the stereotypical private beach and michelin chef (though I’m sure no one would object).

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