July Instagram #trips100index Round Up

Beaches, boats and summer pursuits in our July Instagram highlights
Beaches, boats and summer pursuits in our July Instagram highlights

July Instagram #trips100index Round Up

Unsurprisingly July’s Instagram highlights contain just a few beaches, boats and ice creams. But rather more surprisingly, feet keep popping up in the Trips100 Index feed. Yes I said feet.

Bare feet in the case of @imalicelangley

Beach feet in the case of @girl_outofbounds

Sunny Saturday’s are perfect beach days. Tomorrow, off to Ireland! ✈️

A photo posted by Carly Moore (@girl_outofbounds) on

While for Jen at @weblogtravel it’s all about shoes. I mean Spain. It’s all about Spain. (and a little bit about the shoes.)

Heard enough about feet? Or are you up for just one more mention? @myfeetweremeanttoroam has been roaming at Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland. It’s one of Iceland’s most impressive waterfalls, with a 60m drop and in the right conditions, double rainbows.

We’ve had a few awesome rainbow photos this month. Check out the bright colours in @lucydosworth’s rainbow arc at Kakabeka Falls in Canada’s Northern Ontario – the province’s second highest waterfall #ExploreCanada

Rainbow waterfall at Kakabeka Falls in Northern Ontario – the province’s second highest waterfall #ExploreCanada

A photo posted by Lucy Dodsworth (@lucydodsworth) on

And in York @borderlass33 has been checking out the rainbow above Clifford’s Tower.

Sunshine after the rain. 🌈🌈

A photo posted by Haley (@borderlass33) on

Sunshine on the local crops caught @grettaschifano’s attention on her dog walk in Surrey in this atmospheric shot.

Sunny dog walk in Surrey this afternoon.

A photo posted by Gretta Schifano (@grettaschifano) on

Meanwhile @laurasidestreet and her family have been playing hide and seek in the long grass and rolling down hills at Dyffryn Gardens in the Vale of Glamorgan. Check out this excellent portrait.

@Heathercowper has been on her travels in Canada, rocking and rolling along in her canoe.

For beach shots, there’s nothing to beat the beauty of Drigg in the UK’s Lake District from Laura @havekidscantravel.

Finally as the schools are out and everyone is thinking summer here’s a treat of a photo. With added sprinkles. From @girl_outofbounds

Enjoy the rest of July whether you are looking for fun in the sun, rainbows, ice cream or a pedicure! Do keep tagging us with your shots.

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