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We’re in February … the month of love. With our travels cancelled, suspended are our dreams of a romantic weekend in Paris, or a fine dining stay in an exclusive hotel. This year, love will belong at home – probably with nice food, nice gifts, and a movie on TV. Just lately, I’ve been thinking back to some of the amazing places I’ve visited these last few years. One, in particular, was total paradise. What about you? Where have you been that was romantic and memorable? I asked our travel bloggers, and this is what they said …


The most romantic destination we have travelled to is without doubt Mauritius, where we actually got married, on the beach! Everything about Mauritius made it the ultimate option for romance. The clear crystal waters, the white sand beaches, the secluded coves where we enjoyed private bathing and snorkelling. Even the diverse wildlife bought an added feeling of being somewhere special – the flamboyantly coloured birds and the exquisite insects. We were able to explore the incredible island together and not bump into another soul if we desired. Exactly what a couple need, to tune in to each other and capture or reignite that flame.

vikki evans

Contributed by Vikki, Best Lodges with Hot Tubs


It would have to be Komandoo Island in the Maldives. Truely, paradise on earth. A tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, measuring only 500mx100m! As you step off the seaplane you are greeted by the sounds of traditional Maldivian drums, a cool lavender flannel and coconut ice cream. Our days entailed dolphin wake up calls, sunrise breakfasts, a game of chess or cards, snorkelling with the turtles and romantic evening meals on the beach. Our shoes were never on our feet from the moment we landed on the seaplane. A romantic day on our own desert island was the highlight of our trips.

lynne callaghan

Contributed by Lynne, Around The World in 18 Years


Not sue if this counts … Super ‘not romantic’ in the traditional sense: We were skiing all day every day and I fell asleep putting the kids to bed on Valentine’s Day. All we had left to eat was leftovers and random bits of bread and cheese! But I’m a believer in all the small gestures and this was what he had ready for me to eat when I woke up! 100% one of those moments where the romance was made in the moment

Contributed by Emma, Wanderlust and Wetwipes


We took a Yangtze River Cruise as part of our 28 day honeymoon in China. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We sat on the deck of the boat and just took in the stunning scenery around us. We spent around 4 hours sailing down the river and barely saw other people, apart from the ones on our tour, the odd fisherman or people on a bay who always waved. The weather was warm but not hot (we don’t like the heat) and it was a perfect way to while away a few hours.

chantele cross-jones

Contributed by Chantele, Two Hearts One Roof


Definitely Mauritius. We blew the budget and stayed in a hotel with it’s own beach, so we had amazing sunset strolls along pretty much deserted sand. The turndown service also left rose petals on the bed in a heart shape on our first night which was a lovely unexpected romantic touch.

Contributed by Catherine, Growing Family


My place would definitely be Kandima Island in the Maldives. It wasn’t Valentine’s and we didn’t visit to get married (though you can) or even celebrate an anniversary … and we took the children. But wow, it was the most incredible place I’ve ever been to … and when they serve up lobster thermidor to your beachside table, well, what can I say! The water really is as blue as the brochures depict.

tracey kifford

Contributed by Tracey, PackThePJs


I got engaged at the Trevi Fountain after a beautiful Italian meal to celebrate our second anniversary and a day exploring the Colosseum. Not only does Roma reversed spell Amor (meaning love), it now holds a special place in my heart too, and always will. Such a wonderful city for a romantic getaway.

Contributed by Emma, The Mini Mes and Me


It doesn’t sound romantic but the Isle of Wight. I went with my then boyfriend (now husband) and we camped on a cliff top campsite, there was a full moon so bright, we went down the cliff path and watched the waves in the moonlight and fell in love. There are so many nice pubs and things to do there and the island is small enough to drive round in a morning. Shanklin is so quaint and has amazing seafood.

Contributed by Jenny, Life and the Lords

Tracey is the Content Editor for Flea Enterprises. She also blogs at PackThePJs. Tracey writes mainly about family travel; from days out to road trips with her pet dogs, to cruises and long-haul tropical destinations. Her family consists of her husband Huw, a medical writer, Millie-Mae (14), Toby (12) and Izzy and Jack the spaniels.

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