Travel bloggers’ favourite things

Vineyard walk in Catalonia. Image by Kirstie Pelling
The thrill of exploring something new- is that one of your favourite things?
Raindrops on roses. As travel bloggers we’ve all seen a few of those haven’t we? But what else? From psychedelic pink houses to palm dotted boulevards, Emma Julia who blogs at Adventures of a London Kiwi finds out some travel bloggers’ favourite things….
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings – these are a few of our favourite things.
Airports with no queues and trains to the city, viewpoints and blue skies and streets that are pretty.
Old churches, great cafes, beaches in spring – these are a few of Jessi’s favourite things.
Soothing Turquoise waters, rows of vividly psychedelic pink houses, and Sri Lankan forests.
Pristine white glaciers and thundering waterfalls – these are a few of Shikha’s faaaaaaaaavourite things.
When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when we’re feeling sad, We simply remember our favourite things, and then we don’t feel so bad…
London food, cat pictures, art and culture, grey days and coffee.
Tea/gin/hugs as needed and understandingly weirdo friends – these are a few of Rebecca’s favourite things.
Cured meats and crumbly cheeses, the salty spray from a sailboat, and the laid back approach to life.
Traditional arches, palm-dotted boulevards and sangria any time of day – these are a few of Valerie’s favourite things.
The thrill of exploring somewhere that’s new, the crunching of leaves on a crisp autumn day.
Sand between your toes and the first snowfall of the season – these are a few of Stacey’s faaaaaaavourite things.

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when we’re feeling sad,
we simply remember our favourite things, and then we don’t feel so bad…

Souvenir buying and in the clouds flying, making new friends and anticipation.
Seeing something in real life and writing down travel journal memories – these are a few of Tanja’s favourite things.
Luxury and champagne, Koalas and fire dancers.
Private island dinners and beautiful landscapes – these are a few of Angies favourite things.
Vineyard champagne experience
Champagne and luxury and glasses of wine at sunset- are these a few of your favourite things?
Riccocheting around the globe and mischief with laughter, tribes of travel addicts and glasses of wine at sunset.
Travel Linkups with wanderlust and Pinterest boards with inspiration – these are a few of my favourite thiiiiings…..

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