#Family Travel Hour- Road Trips

Road trip USA
Road trip USA- is this on your bucket list?

Y’all coming on a road trip? Or at least coming on a road trip Twitter chat? Not quite the same but you use less petrol! Tuesday’s #familytravelhour was the usual mix of advice, plans, dreams and random wonderings and wanderings that makes us love them so much. Trips100 Editor Kirstie Pelling sketches a quick road map of where it went..

As usual, everyone rose to the occasion with enthusiasm, describing many and varied road trips to nearby and faraway places:

Some family travellers do long trips regularly with the kids, like Suzanne from @3childrenandit:

Most people use some kind of music to kill the miles. There were some interesting choices for in-car playlists:

Charly @The_Doves said her family has developed some adult tastes by default:

Gemma from @busytravelmum confessed it is like the X Factor in her car on long journeys:

Some bloggers tweeted of rules that have clearly developed over time:

Of course, there were lots of practical ideas for how to entertain the kids in those long and sometimes tricky hours:

And lots of talk about stuff. Travel bloggers on a road trip do not travel lightly it seems:

Then the inevitable questions about where to and how long. Many, like @sarahjforde said a substantial trip was better than a quick blast, especially for those classic American journeys:

America figured quite heavily in people’s dream road trip itineraries too. And not just route 66:

And the ultimate road trip accessory? An ability to laugh about it all.

Of course there were many, many other suggestions, tips, ideas and bad music choices. Do look back over the #familytravelhour hashtag if you missed it. But for now, happy tripping this school holiday wherever you are going. Don’t forget your Peppa Pig CD and see you all for another #FamilyTravelHour in a couple of weeks time.

Lisa Jane

Lisa is Editor of Trips100 and Travel Loving Family (travellovingfamily.com). Her family travel blog shares travel tips, holiday reviews and destination guides from travels around the UK and abroad. Lisa is also Co-Editor of Cruising with Kids (cruisingkids.co.uk). A new website designed for parents looking for cruise reviews, cruise news, tips for cruising, port information and pre-cruise ideas. Lisa has travelled to 80+ countries and has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years.

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