Grenadines – The Story of Two Babymoons



Grenadines Island life
Grenadines Island life- images by Zen Baby Travel

Grenadines – The story of two babymoons

Hormones were responsible for plenty of matters in both of the pregnancies of but they failed to address her travelling urges and itchy feet. A direct flight to Barbados and thereafter a Liat short flight, took her to Grenadines, one of her top three favourite Caribbean destinations…

Wanderlust and pregnancy

First pregnancy we travelled with friends and hopped around the islands, including St Vincent, Bequia, Tobago Cays and Canouan. Second time round, with my other half and our two year old toddler, it was a different kind of hopping – two lovely weeks at Buccament Bay. On both occasions, the bumps and I felt elated to be out and about the Caribbean sun and wonderful  seas. It was great also to spend time with the  other  half as  well as friends and toddler, as adjustments would be required soon for all parties.

First time around: The grown up babymoon 

So, first time round, on our grown-up only babymoon, we travelled at leisure, exploring actively, going out and feasting with mocktails (me!). We had food and fun conversations, beach bars and sun downers on our menu, and were splashing and going out and about relaxed and happy. The only part which proved less enjoyable was sailing, with both Tobago Cays and Canouan not bringing out the best in me. Motion sickness was very likely related but still doable given the wide skies and fresh air. Yet, nothing comparable to a London tube morning and evening commute, which still makes me nauseous for hours even at 7.5 months.

Images by Zen Baby Travel

Hopping about the bays

We stayed at the Grenadines House in St Vincent for a couple of days before catching the ferry to Bequia which was relaxing, quiet and non-touristy. The botanical gardens of St Vincent nearby were lush and wet. A very helpful guide enlightened us in the local habits and dependence of locals to very strong rums – over 60% ABV anyone? A ferry ride away from the storm and we found Bequia. Tropical Hideaway spoiled us here for 8 days with stunning views, friendly cats & dog, lovely hosts,  beautiful swimming pool and accommodation. We  travelled  around  the  island  with our friends, by water taxi, cars, pick-up trucks to Mount Pleasant, /Hamilton Fort, Firefly Plantation, Turtles Sanctuary and Friendship Bay. Princess Margaret is still my favourite beach and Jack’s my favourite beach bar. We spent the New Years Eve at Frangipani and headed later on to some house clubs. And yes, my pregnancies also do not affect my going out and clubbing appetite.

Images by Zen Baby Travel

Sailing on

Sailing towards Mustique proved a bit rough, with the sea between the Grenadines quite temperamental. Tobago Cays was also a bit rainy but still spoiled us with wonderful snorkelling and turtles. Friendship Rose was a wonderful boat and quite a unique day out. On Canouan, a fast ferry ride away, Tamarind Yacht hotel is an oasis for sailors and treated us with good Italian food and sunsets.

Second time around; babymoon with a toddler

St Vincent is undeveloped, especially compared to its neighbouring Barbados; the positive side being the charm and authenticity are better preserved. The rain is abundant but in short spells and funny ways; on one beach there’s sun and blue skies, while on the lush mountainsides there could be a misty like shower. There were a few beautiful rainbows and occasionally muddy puddles to jump in!

Images by Zen Baby Travel

Snorkelling for cornets

Buccament Bay beach is beautiful and the snorkelling is great. Huge quantities of cornet fish are willing to swim with you as well as parrot fish munching rocks, butterfly fish, schools of baby fish and occasionally lobsters and crocodile fish. The locals come to bathe and we could observe the fisherman in their boats with nets early in the morning and sometimes in the evening – charming and authentic old ways. The set up of the Buccament Bay villas is pretty and village like; charming houses by the ponds, river and sea. Our garden villa had a big veranda and own pool with jacuzzi facing the mountains. We spent a few lovely relaxing afternoons whilst our toddler was napping or gone at the kids club with our feet in the water and watching white birds, goats on the mountain, geckos, humming birds feeding from tropical flowers and clouds. We couldn’t get enough of such life!

Images by Zen Baby Travel


Stunning scenery and lush surroundings

All in all, we had two weeks family time in stunning scenery and lush surroundings, where it was:

– Great to spend time with my toddler who became so much more talkative and occasionally sensible, especially that working full time doesn’t give us much time apart from the week-ends.

– Good to try and introduce the bump, having little conversations preparing toddler and baby for each other ( *Trying is the KEY word in here)

– Wonderful to have some grown up time, sipping virgin cocktails by our garden and/or jacuzzi, watching the clouds and chatting silly small stuff like in our young days or by the beach whilst toddler was fully enjoying the Kids Club.

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