What you need to know about Solo Travel

Champagne at Dover
Champagne for one at Dover

Solo travel is a bit of a buzzword in blog circles, but for a new travel blogger, it can seem like a crazy scary prospect – going to explore the world by yourself? What would that even be like?

Luckily, the solo travel blogging community is great at sharing their experiences and tips.

Today, on Trips100, we’re pulling together some of our favourite words of wisdom from the UK solo blogging community, for those wondering what they need to know about solo travel.

Don’t Wait!

Don’t feel you need to wait for a friend to join you on your travels, says The Travel Hack. “If I waited for someone to be available for me to come with me, I’d never go anywhere. When I have the choice of travelling alone or sitting at home, I’m going to choose travelling alone every time.” Read more here… 

Buy a Selfie Stick

Yes, you’ll look like an idiot, but if you’re a solo traveller, your photos will be about three million times better if you use a selfie stick, according to The Travel Hack. Another tip – have the light on your face for the best results, but if you find you’re squinting into the sun, turn slightly to the side. Read more here… 

Never use an Unlicensed Cab

Wherever you travel, make sure you know how to recognise – and order – a licensed taxi cab. Cass Travels also recommends pre-booking airport transfers so you can be sure you’re in a safe vehicle and there’s no worry about not having the right change in local currency. Read more here… 

Travel Won’t Fix a Broken Heart

Solo travel won’t fix your broken heart, says Where is Noodles, because any pain you leave will still be there when you get home – unless you stop viewing your trip as an escape and start seeing it as a chance to grow and learn. Read more here…

It’s Okay to be Terrified

We love this advice from This Could Lead to Anywhere – in an honest and inspiring post, she tells us that it’s normal to have worries. “Allow yourself a worry or two and don’t beat yourself up if you mess up. You’re learning and growing. What is waiting on the other side is an adventure and adventures take a lot of courage.” Read more here… 

Pack a Wooden Wedge

Worried about staying safe on the road? Jane’s World is packed with amazing tips but one we particularly love is this – take a small wooden wedge with you in your bag – perfect for wedging your hotel or hostel room door firmly shut at night, no matter how dodgy the local locks might be! Read more here…

Book Trains and Flights so you Leave and Arrive in Daylight

Keeping safe is important when you’re travelling solo and this fab post from Adventures of a London Kiwi is packed with practical tips. London Kiwi advises traveling to and from the airport in daylight, and using small tours to visit places that are away from public transport. Read more here… 

Prepare to be Lonely

Loneliness is a fact of life when you’re a solo traveller – sometimes. So says Awesome Wave, who offers some practical tips on surviving the lonely times over on the blog. “I get lonely every single time I travel,” she writes. “I’ve called home from payphones in tears, I’ve wandered around temples full of culture shock. It’s totally normal – but it should never be a reason to stop you travelling.” Read more here… 

But You’ll Make Friends EVERYWHERE

You might be lonely sometimes, but everywhere you travel there are people to meet, says Paper Planes and Caramel Waffles. “Whether you take part in the free city tour your hostel offers of you head out on a random night out with room-mates, you’ll end up meeting like-minded people round every corner.” Read more here… 

Your Travel Experience will be Unique

One of the biggest things about solo travel is that every time you strap on your backpack, your unique personality and experiences will mean you’ll have a unique travel experience. “The plane, the culture, your own circumstances all combine to make a unique experience.” How brilliant is that? Read more here… 



Sally is the founder of Trips100, along with several other blogging communities. She's a keen traveller and loves exploring the world with her 9 year old daughter and sidekick, Flea.

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