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Each week we are going to be introducing you to some of our lovely bloggers across our TripsTotsFoodies and HIBS community sites. Our next blog here on Trips is Kids Days Out Reviews – why not settle down with a cuppa and share 5 minutes with Joanne…

5 minutes with Kids Days Out Reviews

Describe your blog in 10 words or less

Kids Days Out Reviews is for UK family travel

How and when did you start blogging?

I started as a twin mum blogger back in 2011 and decided I liked blogging about our day trips the best, which was harder on the old blog. So I started a whole new one. This was in 2012, and since then I’ve produced features, with the help of a few guests along the way, on over 200 fun things to do in the UK and occasionally abroad with anyone from babies to teens.

What’s your favourite thing about your day job?

I run my own social media agency and I love how I can work it around my family, and also keep on top of the blog whilst in the office. Being the boss means if I want to spend the morning researching and booking my next trip, then I will. I’m not sure I’d get the time off to do the fun blogging stuff if I worked for someone else.

The last thing I ate was…

Beans on toast.

My dream travel destination would be…

We’ve been looking at Florida recently and we’d love to take the children to Disneyland some time soon. Need to save up first – six flight tickets is not cheap!

My favourite place on earth is…

London. I lived and worked nearby for a couple of years pre-children and would move back down in a shot if I could justify the more expensive lifestyle.

My personal style is best described as…

Casual and too young for my age – I live in jeans and hoodies. I have a couple of nice dresses but it takes an inordinate amount of sunshine for me to get them out of the wardrobe.

I can’t wake up without…

Actually I’m OK at getting up. I don’t enjoy it but needs must.

The place I feel happiest is…

I love going to Camden Market and try and get there whenever I go to London. There’s not much that beats eating a donut from the barrow while watching people battle with Camden lock on a sunny day.

One thing not many people know about me is…

I once won an episode of 15-to-1.

My friends would describe me as…

Busy. Rarely seen. Slightly mouthy.

Joanne from Kids Days Out Reviews winning a MAD blog award

My party trick is…

I don’t have one. I don’t do parties.

What motivates me is…

Success. I’m not sure what it looks like, to be honest but the thought of leaving this earth without having done something seriously noteworthy makes me nervous.

In 5 Years Time you’ll find me…

Still trying to make a living from whatever I feel like doing at the time. My interests come and go. I’d like to say I’ll still be running my growing social media agency but there’s a fair chance I’ll lose interest at some point. Blogging seems to have stuck with me for a long time though, which is odd. Maybe I like it more than I usually admit!


A big thank you to Joanne for spending 5 minutes with us. You can find her blog at Kids Days Out Reviews, or follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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